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Fun New Websites

Disclosure:  Some of the links are affiliate links meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.  I only recommend sites and products I personally use and like.

I love finding new and unique items.

As I make more time for my crafting I found a great site for blank items you can personalize.  They have a ton of cute and unique items as well as vinyl.  I love one stop shopping!!

Sometimes we shop at the same stores and see the same items.  It can get a little boring and repetitive.    This year I was looking for some sport team items for gifts and found the site   Maybe it's not new to you but if you have someone who loves a certain team this is the place to be.

Ugly sweaters are a real thing now, who knew!?!  JP even has an ugly sweater day in pre-school next week.  I see them all over in stores this year.  Check out some of these team ones, and it's more than just sweaters!

These things are so awful they…
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Healthy(er) Pancakes

Disclosure:  Some of the links are affiliate links meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.  I only recommend sites and products I personally use and like.

I never thought I'd actually be writing about a recipe.  I do a majority of home cooked so cooking is nothing surprising but I need to follow a recipe.  I don't just randomly think of ingredients to throw together and out comes a masterpiece.  I guess saying that, there are very few recipes that I follow to a T.

For starters we don't eat onions in this house so I typically substitute with fresh garlic for flavor.  There are also a lot of times where I'll say EH, don't need to do that step.  For example, browning a roast before you put it in the crock pot  I've never done that.  For me the whole point of a crock pot is put it all in one pot and be done.  It's always tasted fine without that step so I save the time and dishes!  Do any of you…

The Troubles of Clothes Shopping - Stitch Fix Reveal

Fall has hit, more like winter already but I guess that's the joy of Illinois weather!  As I'm sure a lot of you do this as the season changes you look in your closet and think I have nothing to wear.  As you know I'm not a fan of going to a store to shop.  I happened to get an email from Stitch Fix waiving the $20 styling fee so a few times a year I log in and schedule my fix.  For you Stitch Fix rookies that's the lingo for what you do when you want to have them deliver a box of items to you. 

I've been in enough Facebook groups for Stitch Fix to understand a little about how their selection works and what your request and note indicate.  In your note you can't write things like no pants or no plaid because the system reads just pants and plaid and then that's likely what you'll get.  Although there is a 'stylist' that's supposed to be selecting these and looking at your Pinterest board more often than not they aren't catching this.  

Best Defense...Early Detection

In a world where pink is everywhere in the month of October and donations fly out of pockets I can't help but cringe.  Organizations talk about early detection and finding cures.  What organization or medical community talks about prevention or reducing your risk???  NONE  ( at least that I hear about)!!!  Why?  If there was a cure (which there is, the masses just don't get to know these details) these organizations wouldn't exist.  You no longer need races for a cure, you no longer need pharmaceuticals involved in treatments and all of the people running these companies or organizations no longer get their hefty salaries.  What's the number one rule in business...make the company/shareholders money.  It's certainly not lets do whatever is best for everyone's well being.

Growing up I never really thought of myself as a person to question everything but for as long as I can remember I certainly do that.  I do not just hop on board with whatever I'm being tol…

Guide to Essential Oils

Who doesn't love using essential oils these days?  While they are not 'new' they sure have become popular over the last few years.  The problem I have is that there is a ton of unsafe usage floating around the internet.  There are several oils that are very common that are not recommended for use with kids.  Some have a do not use until 2, some 6 and some 10.  Most people (who aren't aromotheripists) don't tell you that though.

This post is not about what brand I think people should use or to provide the education.  This post is to guide you to a couple of reference points that I have found to be pretty neutral and not tied to a brand.  I am not a certified aromatheripist so am not qualified to provide usage directions.

The first thing I will recommend is this book.

I purchased this book in 2015 and use it on a regular basis to this day.  It's not a book you read cover to cover.  It's more of a reference book.  It has information on each individual oil and …

Happy Fall

Everyone's favorite season is fall.  Not mine!  Yes, it is pretty but for me it means the cold winter is just around the corner.  Football has the same meaning...winter!  I will complain about the winter but in all likelihood will remain here until it's time for my dear hubby to retire.  He says we'll go somewhere warm then.  We shall see, I think it all depends on where JP is in life/school too ;)

I'm also mot much of a Halloween fan because so many decorations are spiders and that's my phobia.  I get the chills driving past houses in the neighborhood that have the big outdoor spider decorations.  I also just got the chills typing that!  Now that JP is getting older I want to be festive for him.  When I started seeing all of the cute yard signs popping up on Pinterest I remembered all of the scrap wood we had on the side of our house in the wood pile from when we finished the basement as well as some the neighbor's contractor gave us when they finished their b…