Sunday, May 28, 2017

Little Boy Dream Train Bedroom

I’ve been waiting for so long to finally do this post.  The room took a little longer than anticipated to get all of the finishing touches done and then remembering to actually take pictures.  This was also a long time in thought.  I don’t make decisions quickly so once I get it into my head that I’m re-doing a room I think and think and scour Pinterst and think some more then I almost have to stop thinking for a while for the ideas to come.  I am super excited at the final result because my vision actually came true but I also made so many of the touches myself.  Other than Thomas there aren't a ton of little boy train room ideas or things out there to buy.  

I guess it all started about a year ago when preparing for JP’s 3rd birthday which was a train theme.  I made the rail road crossing signs to have at the party.  As I did that party in blue and lime green I decided that those would be the colors in the bedroom too.  The material in the picture collage was used at the party too.  I also found the JP’s train station on Amazon and used it for the party.   I found the rug on  I didn't know this at the time but I recently noticed it has the same pattern as in the material in the picture collage.  Crazy!  I seriously didn't coordinate that. I guess you are drawn to the choices you make for a reason.  

To make the RR Crossing signs we just bought a 1x4, I cut out the letters with my Eclips to figure how long each cut needed to be and cut it into 4 pieces.  I didn't want it looking new so I actually lightly feathered a little black on the boards then painted white and sanded a little for the distressed look.  I did the letters as a stencil so I traced them and then painted in black.  

I found the train lamp at Pottery Barn Kids.  It wasn't cheap but how can I not have it when doing a train room!

Around that same time is when I was searching for blue and lime green bedding.  I couldn’t find anything that I liked…anywhere.  When you know what you want that’s when you can’t find it.  I ended up getting the bedding and curtains at Pottery Barn Kids.

With the patches from swimming I needed a way to have his little awards section.  The shelf is a shelf we had in the original nursery.  The rack below it is actually a match book display rack.  My grandpa used to collect match books.  Are you old enough to remember when restaurants, hotels etc. had them for you to take?  Well, he collected them and my mom found this rack to display them with.  He went on to replicate this and made a handful of additional ones.  Around the time I was pondering all of my ideas for the room my mom asked if my brother or I had any use for them.  I thought it would be perfect for ribbons, medals and those type of awards.   The color of it was perfect so I didn't have to refinish it and just hung it directly under the shelf.  He even already has a 5K medal.  He ran a virtual one with me...well he was in the stroller!

I also made the Been There Rocked That wood sign.  I found the wood box at Michaels, lightly stained it and did another stencil on my Eclips and painted it in the lime green.  The words don't show up quite as much as I'd like but it's fine.  Someone had given us the J when he was born so I repainted it in the same lime green.

This was my first attempt at creating vinyl wall decals myself but these are so expensive on Etsy and I wasn't finding anything that I really liked.  They were all very 'little kid' style and I didn't want that.  I wanted him to be able to grow into the room.  I actually had this train on one of my old Eclips cartridges so it was easy to cut out.  Each train car is about 12x18 so it's pretty big.  I created a paper template first to make sure sizing was ok and going to look how I wanted before cutting the vinyl.

I found these frames at Michaels on sale and used the material I had from the party table backdrop for the matting.  JP's favorite movie is Polar Express so Tickets Please and All Aboard  were no brainers as saying to put somewhere in the room.  The post sign was on the same Eclips cartridge and I found the front view of the train online and then cut it out with the Eclips.

This wall I thought I'd decided that I was going to leave bare just because I didn't want to go overboard with the room but after seeing this picture I decided it needed something.  I think what I'm going to do is get a canvas made of one of the pictures we took for his 3rd birthday that were on a train.  

On the wall opposite the book shelf I will probably add another little piece of decor.  JP has a handful of mini baseball bats, Cubs World Series, Sox (Blah) and others.  My brother collected them growing up as we traveled to different stadiums.  My parents got most of these I think at the Louisville Slugger headquarters.  I also think it's easy to make a rack to hang them in I just don't necessarily want to take that on myself so I think we will have Uncle Scott and Papa take that project on.   I have another shelf like the one above the awards so I'm going to do the same concept with the shelf and bat display directly under it on the wall opposite the bookshelf.

The picture at the beginning of the post had a clean bed.  These last 2 are all of the things we position in the bed somehow each night and a truer picture of the room!  

He always has to have his blanket, Kion, the little horsey and little monkey.  Lately hes had to sleep with the tackle box.  When I check on him before I go to bed I sometimes find the tackle box around his wrist.  I think daddy is wearing off on him and this couldn't make him prouder.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Sip Sip Hurray!

Today at school was JP's pretend birthday celebration since his birthday is in the summer.  I didn't want to spend a fortune on little trinkets since it has to be non food items.  We've had the whole school year of what other people had sent so I also didn't want to duplicate.  I know, who cares.  I put too much pressure on myself for these silly things.

Naturally I go to Pinterest to start gathering ideas.  Instantly I saw straws and that that was a great idea because he loves silly straws.  I found these straws on Amazon, it's a pack of 50 for $13.99.  Sold!

 Silly straws

Next I have to come up with a little tag for them and I wasn't even looking for ideas for these but I came across something on Pinterest that was wine related that said Sip Sip Hurray so I turned it into the tag for the straws.  I kept the design pretty simple because honestly I just didn't have time to get all crazy with them.  

I did not create a listing on my etsy shop for these yet but if you would like them customized just let me know and I can do that!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

See Ya Real Soon

The Mickey theme seems to be such a popular kids party theme so my Etsy shop is growing!  I've had a couple of requests for this and just never got around to making it a permanent listing.  It's the perfect compliment to the Come Inside Its Fun Inside door sign.  People are hanging it on the inside so guests see it as they leave.

As of right now I just have Mickey but Minnie will follow soon.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Making Old New Again

Our front porch needed something.  Yes it's one of the first things you see of the house but to 'decorate' it just seemed like a low priority since we don't necessarily use it every day.  I did finally get some chairs and a table and it's nice to sit out there.  I still need to sit in the driveway most of the time because our garage is not 'in' the house so it blocks a lot of the view when JP is outside playing with the other kids.

My mom had this old milk can that was her aunt's.  Her aunt really used it for milk from the cows on the farm.  My mom was just going to get rid of it because she just didn't want it anymore so I said I'd take it and do something with it for the front porch.

This is the before, when you see the close up you can see all of the colors it's been over the years.

I did not sand or strip it.  I brushed it with a wire brush just to get any loose pieces off and then cleaned it with my multipurpose cleaner so it wasn't dusty or dirty.  We always get our paint from Ace Hardware so for this I used the Valspar exterior satin and picked my color.  It went on really well.  I did 2 coats just because there were a couple of spots that went on thin the first time.

The Home Sweet Home is vinyl.  I cut it out with my Sizzix Eclips.  I didn't coat or treat it with anything, it's fairly covered on my porch so rarely gets wet.  

I thought about getting a flowerpot that sits nicely in it so it had flowers but I'm afraid the drainage on the inside will just accelerate any rust that it has.  I'd like this to last a long time so we'll see.  

Our next project is to paint the front door, it's needs it bad.  I'm sure you'll all see the transformation for that.  It's stained now and is a beautiful door but the stain just doesn't really go with the rest of the house.  The exterior is the red brick and we have a black roof so I'm leaning towards a shade of grey since color seems to be the trend these days.  

Friday, February 10, 2017

Another Stitch Fix Review

I scheduled this post to go live on February 10th and apparently I did something wrong because it was still sitting in my drafts!

Although the last fix was good, it wasn't totally what I had in mind for a quick refresh before our trip.  I requested another fix.  This time I did say only tops and layering options with no outerwear, just cardigan type of layering.  Denise was my stylist again and she hit it spot on.

First up is the Papermoon Pontiac Crossback Knit Top  (S) - $44

This is a simple, casual shirt that can go with just about anything.  Look at the detail in the back!  I'm not a super 'girly' or lace person but the lace on the sleeves is perfect and makes it not just a plain shirt.

The style card had this with pink pants, dressy flats and a jean jacket for a little dressier look.  A more casual look was with sneakers, jeans and a grey jacket.

This is a keeper.

Next up is the Le Lis Stanley Striped Raglan Knit Top (S) - $44

Again, this is a simple yet versatile shirt.   As an added bonus it's even long enough for leggings!!  That's tough for me.  I still think the rear should be covered and when you are on the taller side it's hard to find shirts long enough for it.  This shirt can be worn with anything too.

The style card pairs this with olive pants, sneakers and a leather looking jacket for a casual look.  A different look is with maroon skinny pants, booties and a casual jacket.

Another keeper!

Here we have the Skies are Blue Maybele Striped Sleeve Detail Pullover (S) - $68

This was super cute and comfortable.  I love the detail on the sleeve, it's different.  It could also be a very versatile piece to dress up or down.  However at $68 and not really what I needed for the trip this was going to be returned.  

The style card has this paired with jeans, and cute booties and dress shoes.  One has a casual olive jacket and the other a floral jacket.

This turned into a keeper!  Once I tried everything on this was going to be the only thing returned.  If I kept it and all 5 pieces this was basically free because of the discount.  So I kept it!

Market & Spruce Benni Crossfront Knit Top (S) - $44

When I first saw this on the style card and pulled it out of the box I thought ugh, no thanks.  Then I tried it on.  It fits really well and has a nice comfortable feel to it.  It will be great by itself or for layering and easily dresses up or down too.  

The style card has it with white shorts, sandals and a jean jacket for a casual look.  The dressier look is a grey pencilish style skirt and heels. 

This is a keeper!

Finally we have the 41Hawthorn Abrianna Longsleeve Knit Cardigan (S) - $38

Denise said she picked this because it can be worn with all of the above shirts.  Some look better than others with it but the fit on this is fantastic.  Check out the arm length!  It's long enough!  Some of you may not understand my excitement but finding sleeves that aren't floods can be a problem so  I get really excited when something fits everywhere.

Keeper for sure!

 I hope this review was helpful to any of you fellow Stitch Fixers!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Valentines For School

Valentines Day is coming up and you know me I have to make my own.  Edible treats are not allowed for anything in the classroom and I was in Michaels one day and picked up the little bubbles.  Perfect, and they would be what I would design the valentine around.

I scoured Pinterest because I'm not good at coming up with sayings and phrases.  I combined a couple that I found so it wasn't so much about 'love'.  It's preschool, we can all just be!!!

Each valentine is about 4x6.  I designed it so 4 fit per page so it's a quick print and then cut.

I punched 2 holes under the letter B and tied the girls with pink twine and the boys with red twine.  I think it took less than an hour to do.

I didn't think the teachers would want bubbles so I attached a tea bag for them. 

The printable is available at my etsy shop.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Stitch Fix Reveal

It's been a long time since I have received a fix.  I just purged my closet of things I haven't worn in a year or things I wore because it was there even though I didn't like the way it fit anymore.  It's baffling to me how the body changes.  The number on the scale isn't that different than before I had JP and most things fit but tops are just so short.  Maybe it's style changes too, I kind of feel like if a top isn't at least mid rear end it's too short.

For this fix I requested tops with layering options for our upcoming trip to Disney World.  I pretty much left it at that because I've seen where people get so specific on notes and use the word 'no' and those end up being the specific items they get.  I had pinned a few things but not a ton.  Denise was my stylist and the note welcomed me back and referenced my Pinterest board a couple of times.  Here are the items I got:

Loveapella Pola Pocket Knit Top (S) - $44
Cosmic Blue Love Adrianne Distressed Boyfriend Jean (6) - $88

I love this top.  This is my style.  It's simple, casual and cute so you look put together.  It's a keeper

These jeans were just ok.  They were probably a little big.  They seemed to fit ok initially but I could tell that after a couple of hours of wearing they would be big and I'd spend 90% of the time wearing them hiking them up. I also didn't LOVE them or need them so for $88 I need to LOVE them. Returned.

The style card suggested  pairing this shirt with white capri's.  I decided to try on a pair of shorts I haven't worn in a few years to see how they fit.  They fit fine, just maybe a little short for someone about to hit a certain milestone birthday this year ;)  Although who says age looks a certain way???

Market & Spruce Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Tee (S) - $38

I really like this top.  It's a tad thin for the price but it fits good and can be styled with so many different color bottoms.  I love versatility.  It's a keeper.

Loveapella Deanne Printed Maxi Skirt (M) - $58

I liked this skirt.  I'm just not a skirt wearer so I'm not spending $58 on something that might get worn once a year.  I also would have a hard time finding more things to wear it with because of the colors and patterns so I would have to specifically shop for tops to wear with it.  Again, I like things with more versatility.

From straight on this is not a flattering outfit.

Kut From the Kloth Callie Denim Jacket (S) - $78

The price...yikes.  The fit...yes.  I had to think about this one for a couple of reasons.  First of all was the color.  You typically see jean jackets in the dark blue denim so I wasn't sure about it.  I also wasn't sure about the price and if I really needed it.  I do have a dark denim jean jacket but it's pretty old.  I answered those questions with why be like everyone else, get a jacket in a different wash than what everyone else has and the current one is pretty old so due for an update.  The just fits so good.  So, it's a keeper.

 The jacket totally changed how this outfit looked from a straight on point of view.

The style card had this skirt with a blue 3/4 sleeve shirt and a brown leather with white fur inner lining vest.  Even looking at the picture I'm not seeing this as a look for me ;)

Now I've made these more my looks.  Here I just added a pair of olive shorts and my Converse.

I hope this review was helpful for those that have received these items and are looking to see them on a person or if you are looking for items to add to your Pinterest style board.