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Here is a cute 'just moved' card that I made for my recent move.

Halloween Cupcakes!

We all win

After a few weeks of poor Twix being tormented I think we have a solution that will keep everyone happy (for the most part).  In order to keep us happy and sleeping with out waking up to growling or snarling we moved a litter box into our bedroom and would keep Twix in with us for the night.  That was a fine temporary solution but didn't make it any better for Twix at other times of the day.  The poor girl was just terrified all the time! 

To make her happy we now have the obstacle each time we use the stairs of a baby gate.  Twix gets the upstairs and Ben gets the downstairs.  Food and litter are in both locations.  You might say that a cat can jump a baby gate and in theory yes they can.  Although cats can jump that high they need something to land on at the peak of the jump and they don't hurdle things that large.  It has been 5 days and so far that theory holds true.

We had to be strategic with the placement of the gate.  We tried the top of the stairs because we didn't…