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Hello everyone!  By everyone I mean the 2 people that might read this :)  Here's a picture of my latest (over a month ago counts as latest, right?) project to help keep me organized.  It's our menu of our dinners for the week.  I knew I was going to have to be more organized when it came to meal planning when I decided to take on the p90x challenge.  It's 6 days a week of workouts and they're all at least an hour.  That means no time dilly dallying to figure out dinner when we get home from work.  That may all sound like I had no organization around the entire topic which isn't true.  Most people would be happy with general ideas of what was on hand and call me a little anal retentive now :)  I'm OK with that because it make things less stressful and 1 less thing to worry about.  I'm a planner!

Back to the point at hand, I figure out the menu for the week and get whatever groceries I may need over the weekend so the week is hassle free.  The frame is old an…