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My latest project

The blog has been pretty quiet lately!  I had been on a crazy project at work which required a lot of extra time.  We also started a new endeavor with our own side business so that has taken up most of our 'free time' outside of our full time jobs.  We also started a new project that I'll post pictures about soon but it entails getting a nursery ready!  Yep, the latest project on top of everything else is we are expecting our first baby. 

I know at some point I posted about not having time for the things I like to do, baking, scrapbooking etc. and I feel like I'm at that point again where I need to get back into the swing of things in doing things I actually enjoy.  I have been taken off of the crazy project at work because in a few months I will be on maternity leave so someone else is taking over the Project Manager role so there isn't a gap for when I do leave but also just so I don't have the stress which isn't needed for me right now.  That was a very…