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Read Labels

Did you know there is no regulation around what information can be on a product label? If the label says “Green”, ‘Natural” or “Non-Toxic” it must be true, right? WRONG! Unfortunately we can’t trust a label. That is prime real estate for a company to catch your eye and hope you don’t actually check ingredients that are in the product. I am so angry about this because we as consumers are being scammed. These companies are putting harmful ingredients into our cleaning and personal care products that are linked to asthma, allergies, cancer, birth defects, fertility issues and lung problems just to name a few.

How many of you were like me and thought that the Method brand sold at Target was a safe ‘green’ product? I used it for a long time until I really started to learn more about what’s beyond a label. No way do I use these anymore!

Here are the links to EWG’s site for these 2 products. You can read all about the health issues associated with them.

Squeaky Green laundry produc…