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Macaroni Day

There is a day for everything!  I actually really like that there is because it helps with ideas on things to do with the kids.

Supplies needed:
-noodles (any kind you can thread through)
-rubbing alcohol
-food coloring
-paper towels
-cookie trays
-rubber/plastic glove
-paper cups
-pipe cleaners
-hole punch

This list seems long but it's likely a lot of things you already have.

The directions I found for dying noodles was a capful of rubbing alcohol and 5 drops of food coloring in a baggie then add in about 10 noodles at a time for the best color.  Having never done this before I followed directions.  After I had the first batch of noodles in I realized this wasn't going to be very clean or efficient.  You can't just dump the noodles because there's still a lot of liquid left in the baggie.  So, I found myself a glove to pull them out.  The next issue was getting more noodles in the have to hold the baggie open, still have a glove with fo…

4th of July Star Wand

It's the 4th of July and a lot of these kiddos are probably a little young for sparklers and other fun but potentially dangerous activities that come with the holiday.  Something for them to shake and catch their eye was what I was going for.
Supplies needed: -popsicle sticks -festive garland -white craft paper -foam stickers -glue
The first step is to cut the garland in the length that you need.  I just wrapped it tightly around the popsicle stick and it didn't slip around.  I did cut  off a lot of the stars of the garland that were to be under the white star.  

I cut out a bunch of white stars with my Sizzix Eclips.  It worked best to glue the tips of the stars together.  The garland was a little too thick to actually glue the star to the popsicle stick.  Once the glue was dry the kiddos can add on the foam star stickers.  I was trying for a nice centered star on each side but JP had other ideas and when I wasn't looking started adding more to where ever they would stic…

Father's Day

This was a tough one for me.  I had scoured Pinterest and just wasn't finding anything that was really catching my interest for a good project for all of the little ones we have in our Fit4MOM community.  I sat in the kids craft isle at Michael's just staring blankly.  This is the idea that came to me.  
Supplies needed: -8 1/2 x 11 foam sheets -foam stickers -letters for 'daddy' -glue stick -picture -scissors
The D's are cut out of foam sheets.  I made my template and just traced it backwards on what would be the back side just so my cutting didn't have to be perfect and the front wouldn't have the traced lines.
I trimmed the picture so it was the same width as the D and didn't hang over.  JP loved the stickers.  I had to keep them out of his reach or he would have put stickers on everything!  I'm glad he has fun with them now because he went through a brief phase where he was really scared of them.  He would cringe and bring his hands to his body…

Chocolate Ice Cream Day

June 7th is Chocolate Ice Cream Day.  Who needs an excuse to eat ice cream though, certainly not us!!  
Supplies needed: -brown paint -foam paint brush -full sheets of paper (in colors that brown paint will show up on) -paper for ice cream and cherries -brown marker -glue stick
For this craft I cut out the ice cream shapes and cherries from one of the Sizzix Eclips cartridges I have.  JP's foot is so big I had to kind of merge a couple of the melting layer to make it fit right across the 'cone'!  
It's easiest to get the best and most even coverage on the foot to use a foam paint brush to apply to the foot.  You need to press down especially in the arch area.  You can see that I didn't do that good enough so I just used the paint brush to fill it in.  
While the paint is drying you can add on the ice cream and toppings.  Once the paint dries you can use a brown marker and make the 'waffle' effect on the cone.