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Staying Healthy In The Winter

In the Chicagoland we've had some pretty inconsistent weather this fall/winter.  As I put my Christmas light outside after Thanksgiving we still had leaves on the bushes.  I had just told my husband that I remember as a kid we would stuff old jeans and flannels with leaves to make scarecrows for the fall and Halloween outdoor decorations.  This Halloween there weren't any leaves on the ground.  As of December 1st they were still on the trees and bushes!

We've had days close to 60 and days that were 30 so it's no wonder people are dropping like flies with sickness.  Moms and kids in all of my different groups were MIA for at least a couple of weeks as it went through their houses.

This year it actually hit us.  For only the 2nd time in 4+ years we had a cold.  For me all that happened was that my voice would come and go and for a couple of nights I slept propped up because I'd get a dry tickle.  I felt no different than any other day.  Then my husband got it.  His whole team at work was sick before Thanksgiving and he told them to go home and not come in and that if he got sick they would get bad reviews...LOL!  He said they actually listened and not many came to work the next day!  For him he had a few days where he blew his nose a few times and 1 night of coughing.  Otherwise like me he felt fine.  Then JP got it.  He had a couple of random days where we needed to blow his nose and a few nights where he needed to be propped up for sleeping.  He had 1 day where he was a little sluggish but other than that he ran around like nothing was wrong.  None of us had symptoms for much more than a week.

I used to have an immune system that was so bad that guaranteed every October or November I'd get hit with a cold and be in bed for 3 days.  What changed for us?  Why don't we get sick anymore and when we do why is it so mild?  I tell you what, it's fantastic to not have to drag yourself around or to let things go and play catch up when you feel better.  I still see people 2+ weeks later hacking up a lung.

First of all, I am not a doctor.  I am simply sharing what I do for our family.  When it comes to any nutrition, supplements or essential oils I would recommend you talk to a professional.

The first critical piece is that we have switched our household cleaning, personal care, cosmetics etc. to a non toxic brand.  All of the toxic ingredients in conventional store brands beat your immune system down so your body can't fight off the common cold or allergens.  This is a critical component.

Second is the nutrition.  We don't eat perfectly.  I try to use the 80-20 rule.  Supplementing is necessary, but you have to have the right ones.  Vitamins you get at a store weather it's GNC or a WalMart store brand are giving you nothing more than expensive pee.  Your body can't absorb them, they crystallize in your small intestine and you pee them out.

JP gets a multi vitamin and Omega-3 creme twice daily.  Once at breakfast and another at dinner.  It's important to space out doses so your body gets the maximum absorption. He also gets a probiotic but I need a new way to get that to him so we haven't been too regular lately with that.  It's a capsule so I break it apart and was putting it in the 1 applesauce/veggie pouch he'd eat but he hasn't wanted those lately so I need to get on top of a new plan.  When school started I would give him a boost of vitamin C with his 'juice' drink and now that we aren't getting much sun exposure I add vitamin D3 drops to his Omege-3 spoonful.

I have issues swallowing pills, I know it's a mind problem so I'm typically the first one to catch something.  I take a kids multi vitamin in chocolate shake form.  I do add the probiotic to it daily and also in the winter Vitamin D3

My husband takes what everyone should be taking, me included!  It's a total package already pre-dosed in convenient AM and PM packs.

AM Pack

  • Multivitamin
  • CardiOmega EPA (promotes normal response to activity-induced inflammation and support cardiovascular health)
  • Broadspectrum antioxidant
  • Grapeseed extract (promote healthy blood pressure - power of 10,000 grapes per bottle)
  • Inflammatory support for free radicals and inflammation
  • Vision for optimal vision support
  • Healthy joint support to enhance cartilage regeneration
  • Brain health support to slow the affects of aging
  • CoQ10+ for high energy organs like the heart
PM Pack
  • Multivitamin
  • CardiOmega EPA (promotes normal response to activity-induced inflammation and support cardiovascular health)
  • Broadspectrum antioxidant
  • Probiotic
  • Grapeseed extract (promote healthy blood pressure - power of 10,000 grapes per bottle)
  • Inflammatory support for free radicals and inflammation
  • Coldwater Omega-3
  • Healthy joint support to enhance cartilage regeneration
  • Brain health support to slow the affects of aging
  • Vitamin K and D
If you are new to the world of supplements you might be thinking holy cow for many reasons.  This is less than the cost of a Starbucks a day.  His focus is better, his back and knee issues are better, all of his bloodwork numbers are in a healthy range and for the last 4 years have actually lowered in that healthy range (diet is the same and exercise is less!!).  

If you are a person that takes pharmaceuticals, what does it cost you?  What are the side effects...did you look into that?  Are they actually helping?

For less than the cost of a Starbucks a day would you start taking something that actually has scientific studies proving it works?  Think about the long term money a proactive approach saves in medical bills or pharmaceuticals where the side effects in a commercial are longer than the 'commercial' part.  

I'm not a disinfectant crazy person.  I have a fantastic one made with citrus and thyme oil that's EPA approved but honestly I don't use it.  Regular cleaning and hand-washing for me is good.

I do also use essential oils.  I've spent a lot of time on this topic because I see  A LOT of bad advice on the internet about safe usage, especially with kids.  In our room at night for 30 minutes I diffused a protective blend that had cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, lemon and rosemary.  I also added Melaleuca oil and lavender.  In the common areas of the house and JP's room I diffused lemon, Melaleuca oil, frankincense and lavender.  

I hope you've learned something from this information and if there's ever anything you have questions on don't hesitate to contact me!


  1. I do love essential oils as well! And I also try making parfums with oils and amber oil!
    Thanks for the post, love it!
    Job Searching Mom


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