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Christmas Ornaments

I can finally post about the ornaments I made for our nephews this year.  They are in their 20's and we never know what to get them.  They are getting their own places so I think this was the first year they had gifts of things they actually needed, bakeware, irons, sheets and things like that.  Welcome to the time of life when gifts are more needs than fun!

I am going to digress for a moment on how one day my photography skills will reality I don't have time to hone those skills so it's low on my priority list.  Honestly this time I was just lucky I got a picture.  I didn't have time to figure out placement or lighting as I was in a rush to get them done and wrapped.  So, once again readers I'm sorry for the poor quality in pictures!

It's been a couple of years, gosh almost 3 now, since my father in law died.  Every once in a while I hear the boys talk about grandpa or see them post on facebook and can tell they really miss him so I wanted to do something for them that was 'grandpa' related.

I purchased plain glass ornaments, glitter to fill them and had a picture printed in wallet size of

With my Eclips and Sure Cuts A Lot software I cut out the words on vinyl.  The first picture shows after the weeding process.  For those of you new, weeding means taking out the little shapes between the letters like the circle in the 'g'.

You need to use vinyl transfer tape.  It comes in a roll and you can cut to whatever size you want but you put the transfer tape on top of your weeded phrase and then peel it up.  You now have the sticky side of the vinyl on the tape ready to press down.  This way your lettering stays all together nice and aligned.  You can see in the picture below I have it on the ornament but not pressed down yet. 

To get the picture in I just rolled it picture side down so when you roll you see the white backing of the picture.  I used a pen to get it in place, then added the glitter.  

These are the finished product (minus the ribbon to hang)  I think they turned out nice and I hope the boys liked them.

This is what NOT to do.  Well, maybe you want this look, but it was not my intent.  I rolled the picture so the picture side was out and it was backwards for what I had in mind.

Several years ago my mom put my graduation tassels into ornaments like this and the string that holds them to the cap is what loops it to the tree and then the tassel gathers in the ornament.  My project for those is to get the school emblem onto the ornaments.


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    1. Thank you for the kind words! I will hop over to your blog asap.


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