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PJ Masks, It's Time To Be A Hero

PJ Masks we're on our way, into the night to save the day!

PJ Masks has been the favorite daytime cartoon for a while now so when it came time to pick a party theme this year I'll give you a second to guess what it may have been!  I actually found this a little harder than I thought but I was putting too much pressure on myself to have the perfect party.  Party city had a ton of PJ Masks stuff so I just used it.  Well, most of it anyway.

I did still create my own invitation, door sign, banner and thank you notes.   I also just finally got them added to my Etsy shop so you can view them there too.

I've repeated over and over that someday my photography will improve.  Well, it hasn't.  Some things you just have a knack for and right now I don't have it.  For the table decorations I found the character balls at Party City and the sky scraper tower at Oriental Trading.  I made the happy birthday banner and it's in my shop.

For the food on the tower I had red, blue and green jello cups.  I do not make jello very often, like maybe 1 other time ever but I thought what 4 year old won't like jello.  None of the kids liked it.  A lot of people commented how they don't make it either so I guess it was new for most of the kids.  I ate a lot of jello since JP wouldn't!  I also had little cups of popcorn with the leftover chocolate from the marshmallows drizzled over it.  I love the salty/sweet combo!

During the nice weather months we try to do a lot of fire-pits with the neighbors and do smores with the kids.  JP has a new obsession with marshmallows so adding marshmallow pops was a quick and easy treat.

The cake came from our usual bakery, Creative Cakes.  It's sure not cheap but they always look so good and taste great too so we splurge.  I pulled up pictures and let JP pick the cake.  I like other ones better that had more of the characters as part of the cake but it's not about me.  He was very excited about the cake.

A note for next year, keep the cake up higher and out of reach.  The characters were a little too tempting for some of the kids so if you look closely you can see they along with the cake took a little beating.

I did make the annual stat sign again and had it printed at Costco.  Party City had a lot of options for little trinkets so the bags had a few PJ Masks trinkets and they used these for their pinata goodies too.

I found this city skyline online at Target and it turned out perfect for the table.  I cut out the characters with my new Cricut Expression Air 2 using the print to cut feature, fliping the image and repeating so it was a character on each side.  I ran them through the Xyron and added a skewer and into a mason jar with gift fizzy things.  

Getting a handful of 3-6 year olds to hold photo booth props, stand still and look is asking a lot so I thought this turned out cute!  I found the props at Party City.  They came with a different background but I had a different idea in mind.  For the buildings I wrapped a few empty boxes (we are never short on boxes with my love of online shopping) with black craft paper and cut gold paper into equal rectangles and 'randomly' placed them on.  Randomly is in quotes because I am too detailed to really just do it random, in my mind it needs to be balanced but look random so there was a method to how I continued to place them on.  I know, I have issues!

The pinata was another Party City find.  I had a little candy in it but also glow sticks and the other PJ Masks goodies that Party City had.  

I hope you can get some good ideas if you are looking for a PJ Masks party!


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