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The Troubles of Clothes Shopping - Stitch Fix Reveal

Fall has hit, more like winter already but I guess that's the joy of Illinois weather!  As I'm sure a lot of you do this as the season changes you look in your closet and think I have nothing to wear.  As you know I'm not a fan of going to a store to shop.  I happened to get an email from Stitch Fix waiving the $20 styling fee so a few times a year I log in and schedule my fix.  For you Stitch Fix rookies that's the lingo for what you do when you want to have them deliver a box of items to you. 

I've been in enough Facebook groups for Stitch Fix to understand a little about how their selection works and what your request and note indicate.  In your note you can't write things like no pants or no plaid because the system reads just pants and plaid and then that's likely what you'll get.  Although there is a 'stylist' that's supposed to be selecting these and looking at your Pinterest board more often than not they aren't catching this.  

So, my notes are always pretty vague.  Earlier in the year when we were going to Florida and Disney my note was something along the lines of casual but cute for Disney in Florida in February with layering options.  I had 2 fixes with these type of notes and was happy with my selections.  You can read those reviews here:

My note this time said something along the lines of casual but put together tops for the cold Chicago winter.  I have never been so disappointed with what the stylist sent it's ridiculous.  It's not that I thought the clothes were ugly they were just not what I requested at all.

First up is the Skies Are Blue Meden Cut Out Sleeve Cotton Pullover.  This is $68 and size small.  Had the stylist looked at my history she would have seen that I already have this sweater in a different color that was sent in one of my 'Disney' fixes.  Also had she read this she would have seen that I wasn't crazy about it although I did keep it.  I indicated that the reason I kept it was because it was basically free with the discount of keeping it all because I was keeping the other 4 things from that fix.  

Paired with this are the Just Black Cordelia Skinny Jean in black.  The jeans are $78 and size 6.   I don't need jeans right now and I didn't love them so for the price I need to love them to keep.  

Next up is the Amour Vert For Stitch Fix Alessandro Silk V-Neck Blouse.  This is $118 and size small.  So, does a 3/4 sleeve silk blouse just scream casual and comfy for cold Chicago weather to you?  Ok, me either.  I have nothing like this on my Pinterest boards and is for sure not the cold weather type of tops I was looking for especially for the price.  No way am I spending that much on a top like this.  I will say that I didn't hate the top, it fit good and was pretty but was the opposite of what my closet needs right now.

The stylist said to pair the blouse with the Absolutely Ronny Pointelle Detail Cardigan.  This is $44 and size small.  This fit nicely and had a good price point, however I didn't need a black cardigan.  I do love layering but I didn't like the style of this.  It was super hard to get the details in a photo but you can see some of the holes in the pattern on my arm (for lack of better terms) and I felt like this was something my 99 year old grandma would wear.  Sorry for those that like this pattern but it just wasn't for me.  

Last up is the Daniel Rainn Beacon Pintuck Detail Silk Blouse.  The top is $78 and size small.  Once again, does a sleeveless silk blouse meet my request of comfy, casual Chicago winter????  Um, no.  I understand this can be a great layering piece but it's totally not what I'm looking for.  It did fit well and if I went to an office to work where the attire was business casual this would be a great layering piece.  Although I still wouldn't pay $78 for it.

Everything went back.  It's a good thing that this fix had the styling fee waived because I would have had to consider buying something I didn't really like or need or losing the styling fee.

I know I am not a heavy user of the service but just can't believe how off this fix was.  After this I went to Amazon to see if their program with the same concept was up and ready and it's still in invitation only beta testing.

If you've tried other companies with the same concept and have been happy with it let me know!


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